NANNIC HSR: Frequently Asked Questions

A full head of hair again is no longer impossible 

Below you will find our answer to the most frequently asked questions about the revolutionary Anti-Age Concept for Hair, Scalp & Roots. Do you still have another question? Let us know!

We believe it is logical to take care of our skin every day with mild cleansing products, nourishing serums and hydrating creams. This applies to taking care of your hair too: the parts of the hair that are visible and the parts that aren’t both need daily care in order to obtain and maintain a beautiful head of hair. 

There are many products available to improve the appearance of the hair itself, but little attention is paid to the hair root, where the hair begins to grow. The function of NANNIC HSR is based on this. We stimulate the hair growth and prevent the hair entering the resting phase too soon, under the influence of external stress factors. The more hairs that remain in a growth phase and the fewer that end up stuck in the transitional or resting phase, the fuller your hair will appear.

This vision makes our concept very unique. NANNIC is the first to launch a day and night treatment for beautiful and healthy hair. The carefully selected active substances in the NANNIC Anti-Age HSR concept and the consistent application of this produce the desired result. Skincare doesn’t stop at the hairline.

All NANNIC products are based on scientific studies and empirical research. The approach that we take here is unique. Our hair roots are hyperactive factories that are fantastic at ensuring the hairs grow constantly (day and night). The environmental factors (pollution, UV rays, stress, nutrition etc.) are always changing and form an obstacle to our hair growth and even to our health in general. NANNIC HSR responds to this and normalises the things that start to go wrong under constant environmental pressure. The hair root is rejuvenated, which optimises the hair growth. 

However, we respect the hair cycles and absolutely don’t want to cause overstimulation, as this would not benefit the hair growth over time. Our hairs experience a period of growth but also needs a period of rest now and then. Even if this rest is just for a couple of months and comes only once every two to seven years, this has to be respected in order to avoid depletion. So we focus on the long-term result. In other words, we are not looking for a quick fix, because that is never good for your metabolism.

In a way, NANNIC HSR is a continuation of what we also do with our daily skincare, which explains immediately why this treatment developed to become a daily day and night product, but for your hair. We have been working on this for nearly a decade, and its function is very complex.

Daily application of the nourishing HSR lotions takes just a minute. A small effort for a great return. Your hair will benefit and will become beautiful, healthy, strong and voluminous. The two lotions (one for the morning and one for the evening), are applied directly to your scalp. The applicator provided allows you to apply these lotions directly to your scalp, between your hair. 

Replace the transport cap on the pack with the applicator. Position the bottle upside down, with the point of the applicator on your scalp, and squeeze lines all over your head. Pay extra attention to any places where the hair is thinner here. You will feel the liquid spreading all over your scalp. The active substances will penetrate quickly. It won’t make your hair greasy and you can continue to wear your normal hairstyle. Do not rinse.

The visible results vary enormously from person to person. Everyone’s metabolism, everyone’s lifestyle and every person is unique. So there is no way to say when the result will be visible for a particular person. This depends to a large extent on the condition of the hair follicles. Considering we do not know this condition and considering we also do not know whether there are any other internal factors at play, it is impossible to give a guarantee that your hair will regrow in ALL cases. 

We want to communicate honestly on this and do not wish to create false hope, but it’s always worth a try. You will know whether the dermal papilla is still active or not after two packs. It will really benefit the remaining hair in any case and, if the hair does begin to grow back in the places where it has become thinner, then that is absolutely fantastic. If nothing happens after two months, however, it’s best not to continue. It may be a good idea to seek medical advice in this case.

The NANNIC Active Serums and Serums-in-cream keep your skin in good condition. The same applies for NANNIC HSR and your hair. If you would like to maintain your healthy hair, you will need to look after it. That is what we as a brand want to achieve: for people to understand that a daily treatment for your hair is just as logical as a daily treatment for your skin.

If the follicle is no longer viable, there is little hope of achieving anything here cosmetically. This was also the evaluation reached in the study cited earlier. From a pessimistic point of view, you could say that you can’t stimulate something that is no longer biologically active but, looking from an optimistic perspective, this means that there are plenty of possibilities if the hair follicles are still biologically active, and that’s where NANNIC comes in. Providing the necessary stimulation without overkill and in a healthy way. Although we cannot give any guarantee that the hairs will return in EVERY case, it is worth a try. 

After just two packs, you will know whether or not you will benefit from the treatment or, to put it another way, you will know whether or not it’s a good idea to continue. It will really benefit the remaining hair in any case and, if the hair does begin to grow back in the places where it has become thinner, then that is absolutely fantastic. 

The person’s lifestyle is also important. You can’t expect the product to work if your lifestyle is very unhealthy. It’s like taking pills to reduce your blood pressure but continuing to eat an enormous amount of fat and salt: the pills won’t be able to work properly here either.

Everyone will benefit from using this product. You can use it preventively, for repair or for maintenance. It’s as much to maintain and protect healthy hair as to stimulate hair growth again and therefore to make the hair grow. NANNIC HSR keeps the growth of every hair healthy, which results in more beautiful hair. The product offers a solution for everyone: from men with a receding hairline to women with thinning hair who use extensions to make it look thicker. But, if you’re happy with your hair, you can also use it preventively to keep it beautiful and healthy for a long time.

Alopecia is an overly vague description as there are various forms of alopecia:

  • Alopecia Areata: Bald patches, usually an autoimmune reaction that is often started by stress.
  • Alopecia Androgenetica: Pattern baldness caused by male hormones.
  • Alopecia Universalis: complete baldness due to various possible causes: Diffusa, Androgentica, Telogen Effluvium.
  • Alopecia Cicatricialis: A bald spot on a scar. Because scars do not contain hair follicles, no hairs are able to grow.
  • Alopecia Diffusa: Serious hair loss over the entire scalp. Not in patches as in the case of Alopecia Areata. This can be the result of an illness including a fever, an overdose of vitamin A or chemotherapy. Usually gets better on its own. 
  • Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia; inflammation alopecia. Has a strong tendency towards Alopecia Cictricialis. Often gets better on its own. Manifests on the frontal hairline where an inflammation develops, followed by a scar.
  • Alopecia Traumatica; baldness caused by trauma. Trauma such as perms, colour stripping, dyeing, constant pulling (elastic bands). You can see a lot of broken hairs as the hairs are fragile and brittle. When the trauma stops, the hairs grow back. If the trauma continues, scars can develop where hair will no longer grow = then becomes Alopecia Cicatricialis.
  • Telogen Effluvium: Disruption to the hair-growth cycle. The hairs remain in the telogen phase of hair growth.
  • Trichotillomania: The hair is compulsively pulled out. Often the case in children with psychological problems.

NANNIC focuses on the most common type of hair loss, namely Alopecia Androgenetica, which can affect both men and women. Men and women each have both hormones (oestrogens and androgens). The particular balance between the two controls the hair-growth cycle. An imbalance in this relationship results in an imbalance in the hair-growth cycle. NANNIC HSR optimises this balance. This supports the growth phase but the resting phase is still respected too.

A positive effect can also be achieved in the case of Telogen Effluvium though. It’s definitely worth a try here. The same is true for Alopecia Diffusa, if the possible medical cause is found and you have recovered from the disease or the medication. NANNIC HSR can help to support and encourage this process. This also applies to Alopecia Traumatica if infliction of the trauma is stopped and scar tissue has not yet been formed.

In principle, you will know after just two packs whether or not it is working. We cannot give a guarantee, as the cause is also unknown at the moment. 

We see these products as daily care for the scalp. People do not stop using their day and night creams and this is actually the same thing. People come into unwanted contact with UV rays, pollution, chemical stress factors, stress and more circumstances that increase the risk of follicle degeneration. This will probably mean that the degenerative effect of all the stress factors will slowly start to affect the hair follicles too and the result achieved will likely start to fade. So we recommend continuing to use it daily, just like your day and night cream.


Beyond certain diseases that cause open wounds on the scalp, there are no immediate contraindications. The NANNIC HSR products work topically and locally.

NANNIC HSR Lotion Night Care – Root Stimulation includes a complex of essential oils that contain a number of allergens from natural products. These are listed on the packaging: D-Limonene, Eugenol, Cinnamal and Linalool. If you have problems with an allergen on this list, of course you may react to it. These allergens can actually be found in most perfumes and eau de toilettes.

All products are safe for use on the scalp during pregnancy. Please note though: the balance between the various hormones is vitally important for healthy hair growth. During pregnancy, there is an enormous shift in this balance.

In our test phases, we tested the products on a large number of people. In Moscow we had a very interesting test person: a pregnant woman with extreme shifts in her hormone levels, which caused her to lose her hair. She used the lotions daily during her pregnancy and her hair began to grow back. When she started breastfeeding, she lost her hair again. However, she continued to use the lotions to stimulate the hair growth again after breastfeeding.

So pregnancy is not a contraindication but it is not the best time to start this result-focused treatment. The products are perfect for balancing the hormonal shifts in the hair after pregnancy, in order to achieve healthy and optimal hair growth.

Yes, but sulphates have been given an unjust bad press. The negative news about sulphates was seen mainly in media that were playing into a hype. And no account was taken of the different types of sulphates. 

In the professional hair market, Sodium Laureth Sulphate is often used as the main ingredient. This is a very effective foaming agent and has good degreasing and cleansing qualities. In some cases, these degreasing properties can cause an irritating effect. But the quality of the water also has an impact here. Hard water will cause the surfactants to settle on skin and hair, while soft water does not do this.

NANNIC’s exceptional formulas: The NANNIC HSR shampoos are developed to ensure that any harmful effects of Sodium Laureth Sulphate are offset, by adding extra active ingredients (such as cosurfactants, refatting agents, lipid enhancers etc.). This results in a mild, caring and cleansing shampoo with excellent dermatological properties, which also restore the balance of the skin.

In addition to hormones, ageing of hair and hair loss depend on many aggressors, such as pollution, UV rays, stress, chemicals, thermal stress, pulling, smoking, nutrition…A healthy lifestyle is still the best cosmetic there is. So NANNIC stimulates the biological activities of the scalp and skin.

Healthier skin is always more beautiful skin. And the same is true for hair: healthy hair is beautiful hair.

It is always best to protect your hair against UV rays. And particularly if you have thin hair. With current fashions this is no problem: headwear is available in every shape, colour and size.

Although the HR lotions do not provide immediate protection against UV rays, they do repair the damage caused by UV rays and pollution.

You could also spray NANNIC UV-Shield on your hair to give your hair and scalp some extra protection.

NANNIC sees haircare and skincare as inseparable. We believe it is logical to take good care of our skin every day with mild cleansing products, nourishing serums and hydrating creams. This applies to taking care of your hair too: the parts of the hair that are visible and the parts that aren’t both need daily care in order to obtain and maintain a beautiful head of hair. Healthy hair growth starts from the scalp. So we want to stimulate the skin on the scalp. Skincare doesn’t stop at the hairline.

Each day, our hair is subjected to many potentially damaging stress factors, such as: 

  • External influences:  avoid direct exposure to intense sunlight, wash your hair with NANNIC HSR Shampoo to remove traces of pollution, making sure to rinse thoroughly. It is also always a good idea to wash hair after swimming in salt water or a chlorinated pool.
  • Chemical hair treatments: make sure that hair is rinsed thoroughly after colouring, styling and relaxing treatments. At your salon, ask specifically for treatments that stress hair as little as possible.
  • Mechanical stress: avoid rough treatment when using elastic bands, and opt for gentle brushing rather than combing. Mechanical stress roughens hair scales and can potentially cause flaking or breakage.
  • Thermal stress: set your hairdryer to its maximum speed but only medium heat. Always apply NANNIC HSR Caring Spray before styling to protect hair from heat. NANNIC HSR Conditioner also protects against heat damage during styling (tested at 200°C). Apply your curling iron to hair as briefly as possible, and never use it on damp hair.

There are also other things you should avoid. Smoking slows down hair growth. The blood is less oxygenated, leaving hair follicles clogged and starved of oxygen. Alcohol dehydrates the body and can make hair dry, dull and brittle. Instead, drink plenty of water! Water has a beneficial effect on every system in the body. Stress causes the production of certain substances in the body and hinders healthy hair growth. It is important to de-stress regularly, not just to improve your mood but also to safeguard your health. A healthy body will grow healthy hair. And healthy hair is beautiful hair.

  • Protein: Hair consists mainly of proteins, so it is important to include plenty in the diet. Protein-rich foods include beans, peas, seeds and nuts, oily fish, chicken and turkey, all kinds of meat, dairy products and eggs. Fruit lovers can opt for berries, avocados, bananas, mangoes and strawberries.
  • Silica (silicon dioxide): Helps prevent dry and dull hair. Sources include potatoes, brown rice, leafy greens, beetroot, strawberries, green and red bell peppers, asparagus, barley and wheat.
  • Iron: Helps bring energy to hair follicles. Sources include dark chocolate, fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, and seaweed.
  • Vitamins C & E: These promote the absorption of iron in the blood and contribute to a healthy shine. Sources include spinach, seeds and nuts, avocados and citrus fruits.
  • Carotene: Promotes a healthy scalp. Found in all brightly-coloured fruits and vegetables such as spinach, carrots, bell peppers, melons, apricots and strawberries.
  • Vitamin B: Increases absorption of oxygen. Sources include Spirulina.
  • Zink and copper: Increase the rate of cell division. Available in large quantities in garlic and sesame seeds.
  • Sulphur: All amino acids need sulphur. Best sources include onions, garlic, cabbage, kohlrabi, brussels sprouts and seaweed.
  • Oils and fats: Omega-3 acids are essential fatty acids that our bodies need but cannot produce on their own. Rich sources include oily fish, walnuts and pulses.