HSR - Results

Results achieved with NANNIC Anti-Age Concept for Hair, Scalp & Roots

Everyone will benefit from using this product. Below before/after pictures show the result of only using NANNIC HSR Lotions Day Care & Night Care

When will I see results?

The visible results vary enormously from person to person. Everyone’s metabolism, everyone’s lifestyle and every person is unique. So there is no way to say when the result will be visible for a particular person. This depends to a large extent on the condition of the hair follicles. Considering we do not know this condition and considering we also do not know whether there are any other internal factors at play, it is impossible to give a guarantee that your hair will regrow in ALL cases. 

We want to communicate honestly on this and do not wish to create false hope, but it’s always worth a try. You will know whether the dermal papilla is still active or not after two packs. It will really benefit the remaining hair in any case and, if the hair does begin to grow back in the places where it has become thinner, then that is absolutely fantastic. If nothing happens after two months, however, it’s best not to continue. It may be a good idea to seek medical advice in this case.

The NANNIC Active Serums and Serums-in-cream keep your skin in good condition. The same applies for NANNIC HSR and your hair. If you would like to maintain your healthy hair, you will need to look after it. That is what we as a brand want to achieve: for people to understand that a daily treatment for your hair is just as logical as a daily treatment for your skin.

If you have any other question, we recommend to check our Frequently Asked Questions about NANNIC HSR.